Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I need a hot guy who can keep up - 26

By no means am I unattractive, but it does seem like I am attracted to the wrong guys. I like bad boys, I love tattoos, I like playing the game, b/c it is a game. I just can't find the guy to keep my interest long enough. I am not sure what I am looking for, but I like going out and staying. I hate public affection, but I love what goes on behind closed doors. My girlfriend once started responding to ads for me b/c she says I am too picky, so send me a pic and see if I return one. I do have a taste though, so if you are overweight, not white, younger than 26 or older than 36, have children, or are in a relationship please don't respond. Oh and if you have a motorcycle, you already have my heart

Location: NOVA

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new definition of stealing

As I was reading my previous post, an idea came to me : What would happen if someone stole your parking ticket?

Is it against the law to steal someone else's parking ticket?


You patrol the city streets. As you walk through the streets, you look for vehicles that has been cited with parking tickets. You could continue on your marry way, or like the sick bastard that you are, steal their parking ticket and the driver of the vehicle will never know. In cities with strict parking violation enforcements, ie booting or towing, how many tickets could be stolen before it made an impact on the system? Who is to say, the city doesn't do that now?

Individuals could steal a ticket just as fast as they give them out. Swoop, and off it goes. "The wind took it." Impound the vehicle, and mandatory back payment on the tickets, and court fees, and a lot of wasted time and effort. All this mayhem could be yours if you only stole every single parking ticket that you see.

Prank? Criminal violation? I don't know.... But it sure does sound pretty wicked that's for sure....

Parking your life away

So as I sit my ass away at Vienna Metro I get to thinking how many tickets they are going to write this morning for all the people that have illegally parked here because in the Metro's almighty wisdom, they eliminated the over flow parking outside of the South Garage.


What is interesting is that the ticket for the parking violation is $40 while the monthly parking pass for the reserved spot (good until 10am) are $45/month. Keep in mind, this does not include the mandatory $3.75 that one must pay per entry of the gate. LOL.

You and your costly ways WMATA (www.wmata.com)!!!!!

Hahahaha!!! Sounds like someone just got another ticket because their alarm went off. LOL. Tooo funny :-)

Oh man......I just thought of this sick idea.....

But it shall be in the next post ....

Monday, July 2, 2007

The short little girl on the orange line

Separated by two panes of translucent glass, I can't help but to look in your direction as the Orange Line slowly work its way into the city.

I wonder where you are headed to... I would walk up to you and ask you your name but I am stuck next to a guy and a bunch of morning commuters.

For now I will just have to look at you through these translucent glass and say have a great Monday morning, wherever you're headed to...

Looking for romance and a lot more - 23

I've been searching the personals for a couple days. I've been afraid to post one because there are a lot of creepy people out there. Yet, the only way to get exactly what I want is to throw it out there, and see what happens.

So here it goes:
I'm going to be really picky because I have a lot to offer, and I'm sick of wasting my time with immature assholes who don't know how to treat a woman. If you didn't already guess, I went from one horrible relationship to another rocky one that lasted too long. So if you are looking for just sex or anything sexual, move on. This post isn't for you.

First, please be 24-27 years of age. White, single and yes, male. Please be over 5'9 because I'm tired of not being able to wear heels. And I look really good in heels. Thin, slender, or athletic build. Drug free, smoke free. If not, I won't even consider you.

Please be mature, at least somewhat. I can be a big goof sometimes, but I can also be mature when needed. Please do not live with your parents. Rent/own your own place. Preferably have your own car. Have a job. Please be out of college, at least undergrad. If you are getting a graduate degree, I applaud you as I am trying to go to law school soon. As long as you can have an adult relationship and handle your classes, I'm fine with it. Yes, I'm looking for an adult relationship, possibly long-term if we click.

Normal things: please be smart, funny, cute, sweet and romantic. I'm a hopeless romantic who would like a guy to plan a night out every once in awhile. Something with candlelight and dancing. If you can dance, BIG plus for you. Big gestures are always good, but the sweet little things count with me just as much. Please know how to treat a lady. I don't want to have to train you to open a door for me. Give me some hope that men aren't dogs that need to be trained. I had to train the last two guys, and I'm burnt out.

With that said, if you can dance (mentioned earlier), sing, play the piano, guitar or even the violin, those are big pluses. These are not required as I would be cutting out ALOT of guys. Hey, I believe everyone can sing if given a little will. If you have a love of music, where you can listen to a song and just get carried away with it, that's a plus. It can take you away to another place and change the way you feel and how your day is going.

Please be confident, but not egotistical (yes I cut out about half of you...ha). I don't need your insecurities constantly messing up the relationship.

In return, you'll get a committed (very hard to find these days) woman who is smart, funny, college-educated, has a job with decent pay. I have my own place. I'm drug free, smoke free. I used to dance, and would love to get back into it. I'm not tone deaf, but I'm no American Idol. I would like a challenge as I can challenge you. If you can win my heart, I will enjoy all your imperfections as if they were mine. I'm always right, and when I'm wrong, I'm still right and can laugh at my mistakes. Haha. I can be very devoted to you as well as sweet. I also like to do romantic things to make you feel special. I want you to know I'm thinking of you just as much as you are thinking of me. Am I girly and like girly things: yes. Do I enjoy a good action movie: yes and have probably seen more than you. Do I enjoy going to bars/clubs: every once in awhile. I'm a dinner/movie girl. But my favorite thing is to probably curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Why Craig's List you ask me: Because it's hard for me to find good guys who don't just like me because I'm pretty. I want to make a connection to know that the guy isn't just staying with me because he'll never get anything better. Because it's DC, and it's hard to meet people. Because guys seem to only want one thing when you meet them in a bar. I'm just not into that.

So if you are still reading: I'm 5'7" white 23 year-old female. Fair complexion. Brown hair, brown eyes. thin and slender. Can I run a marathon: no. Can I run: yes. If you like junk in the trunk, I'm not your girl. Think petite. And yes, I can be gorgeous. I choose to think of myself as a real person though, down to earth, laid back, ready to move my life to the next step. To stop waiting.

So we'll see what happens. Please send a picture. I know this sounds superficial, but I'm trying to weed out all the psychos. If you send me something where you don't have your clothes on, I will spam your ass, and possibly report you (and your gross picture) to the proper authorities.

Please be kind. I'm going to bed, and hopefully, I'll wake up with the perfect guy if there is such a thing. Have a great night. Thanks for reading.

*takes a breath...here we go*

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I don't capitalize

I don't capitalize
I don't rationalize
I don't familiarize
I don't patronize

I won't lie
I don't fry
I can't mime
I will pine

So what shall I write,
That will earn me a prize.
Surely this rhyme.
won't be suffice.

But at least I can dream.
Even it's for a next time.
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