Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Parking your life away

So as I sit my ass away at Vienna Metro I get to thinking how many tickets they are going to write this morning for all the people that have illegally parked here because in the Metro's almighty wisdom, they eliminated the over flow parking outside of the South Garage.


What is interesting is that the ticket for the parking violation is $40 while the monthly parking pass for the reserved spot (good until 10am) are $45/month. Keep in mind, this does not include the mandatory $3.75 that one must pay per entry of the gate. LOL.

You and your costly ways WMATA (www.wmata.com)!!!!!

Hahahaha!!! Sounds like someone just got another ticket because their alarm went off. LOL. Tooo funny :-)

Oh man......I just thought of this sick idea.....

But it shall be in the next post ....


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