Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pretty, fun, 22 year old girl!! - 22 (nova)

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Me: I’ll be 22 in less than a week. Don’t work out ever, and eat constantly, and am neither rail skinny or a pound overweight. I am 5’2”. I am sarcastic a lot, maybe a little bitchy, but most of the time I’m 100% light spirited about it, and am always honest. That being said, I am pretty... too pretty for CL. Long blond hair, tan, big brown eyes, pretty smile- that is white (because HEY! I don’t smoke!!).

I have a pretty fun and easy job right now, I will be finished with my BA in business in about a month or so, and will have to search for a real job.

Why am I resorting to CL? Because I’m not interested in any of the guys I already know, and don’t want to meet anyone at a bar, and am literally lost as to where else to meet them.

OK, who makes the cut? Anyone who is around my age, 22 to 25 AND doesn’t smoke (not because I’m some nut, it just makes me cough) AND doesn’t have any weird tattoos or piercings AND lives somewhere near my area, or is willing to drive.

You can be shy or outgoing, it doesn’t matter, I’m outgoing enough for the both of us.

Oh.. and one more thing. Only white boys need respond. Preferably Irish?? And, could you send a picture? Thanks!!!

Location: nova

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Thank-you again for wasting my time only to find out at the very end you only want white guys.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are you a White Young Professional? Free beer/food on Thursday - 30 (Arlington)

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If you are a really cool, laid back and attractive white young professional guy, there's a pool party this Thursday, free beer and food. This ad is not for college kids or a hook up, rather for some fun/mature young professionals to hang out with. You can bring a friend or two, guy or a girl doesn't matter. I will be there with some friends.

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Yeah, because white people go so much better with mayonnaise. You are probably going to be there with your other white friends, huh?

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vegas vs Debt

One reason why I like facebook is because you can catch people in their own web of lies and deceit. Why should you pay someone back when it's much more fun to go to Vegas for a 30th/bachelorette party. I mean, the reason is quite obvious.

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