Sunday, September 28, 2014

It has been a while since I posted but I recently came across an ad that really did not make any sense. Is it possible to have a liberal racist? A hippie west coast racist? In this case, I think you can. Just read the following ad.

-- begin original ad --
i just typed out exactly what i wanted to say, and the "computer update" took things are the cliff notes....get it or grieving still (about just that)....and hold on there....lets settle this 2nd, fascinating yet horribly tacky but necessary mention of a cross section on things: im white, and you must be white< no acceptions, no questions or arguments or nasty emails...jesus, how much do i need to say?? im blonde hazel eyed gorgeous 5'9 love a good tan and miss my board on the west coast....when i move back, i will never leave again, but to better tropics or vacationing. i need your ears arms intellect passion understanding quick humor and damnit just get me through this bastard of a state im in. whatever youre going through, fine, we'll get to that, but in writing now, i just want your attentions on me, your paws where i need them, and a commitment for 30 days. not asking for much, but you sure better be something else for any of this to move forward. if youre a prick, fine, but just be that on your own time. if youre overly educated, groovy, but spare me just a little. if youre busy, cool, but give me the god damn time of day for JUST a month. thanks. if you dont understand, or find this a bit lacking, hit that fancy little arrow on your screen, and go buy some surf wax...its an easy dot to dot from there. im irritable but fascinatingly wonderful...& you Better be good at it.
-- end of ad --

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