Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday

Finally Friday

The day is Friday
The day is a good day
The sun is out
No clouds in the sky
There's even good music coming over the pipes

On the the train, but on today
I write a rhyme about the day
I hope it will be good
With much work to get done
A lunch with wings
Mmmmm, what fun!
Cherry coke and buffalo wings
Choice of mac or some greens?
I count my blessings because I know
I make enough to pay my own

As you read my silly rhyme,
I hope you smiled as you pass the time
As the seconds count down to five,
Take a deep breath,
Be glad we are alive.

I hope everyone that is on this email (BCC of course!) will have a good day! ;)

Sent from two cups and a string.

Saturday, May 8, 2010



The day after Friday
To remind us the weekend is in full swing
The day before Sunday
To remind us, ok for another drink.

The day before the final round,
One more on the tee.
The day before the 500.
Once more around, just for speed.

Some partake the Sabeth
While others disco the Stu
Some work the third shift
Just to have some food

From faith to the faithless
From gay to the straight
For the old and the young
And every other way

Gather your thoughts
Take pride in what is you
Saturday is here
I drink, to you.

My Saturday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Future Nurses

By now you 2 should've finished your last exam, and drank the last drink from Cinco de Mayo. Today is a new day and hopefully soon, future nurses.

For B n J.

Sent from two cups and a string.

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