Monday, October 1, 2007

American Foreign Policy

One look at the news and one can easily tell that the United States foreign policy is exactly that - foreign.  With a capital F for fuck you.

We send equipment, troops, to a nation that we don't truly understand.
We are currently planning an air strike against a nation that we fear because of their nuclear possibilities.
We do nothing for the country of Myanmar because they have no economic gain for the United States.

These three things - what does that say about United States as a nation?

Democry is paved on the backs of those who can drill the most oil.
Peaceful demonstrations are just that - demonstrations of futility.
Despite what our leaders say of "not living in fear", we fight those individuals whom we fear.

It is in that exact paradigm of "not living in fear" we have lend a hand in the "war on terror" by telling our own so-called enemies to live not in fear.  To rise up against us, and fight against us.  It is in our exact policy that when we fight, we are not simply fighting those who are against us, but we are fighting ourselves because it was we that have forgotten the true path of the warrior:

" perceive and prevent a potential conflict or danger, or to control such a conflict to the extent that no one is hurt, and this by overcoming the real enemy within."
- David Cherubim

While we mourn the loss of american lives, let us not forget peaceful monks whom gave their lives for the people of a nation who is not rich in oil, but rich in the human spirit to live in harmony and in peace.
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