Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm a great guy - but

i am a great guy
i don't smoke.
i don't drink
i hold the doors

I am a great guy
hard to beat
taller then the rest
nice, not like a pest.

I'm a great guy
cock pix aren't for me.
respect is what you get
when you are with me.

I am a great guy
with a sense of humor
dash of wit, pinch of charm
not so stinky like a piece of parm.

i'm a great guy
i even have height
but i can't pretend
because i'm not white.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nice Guys, Click Here... - 42 (Alexandria)

Well, it's the end of 2010 and as I am looking through craigslist, I came across this ad thinking it could be different. Then again, if I posted it here, would it be any different? Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this now, would you? Ha!

"But if you are a nice guy and you want to meet a very nice girl who is a good cook, great friend and supportive partner then by all means drop me a line." Just be sure you're white.

-- original post --

I am a SWF, 6 feet, auburn hair, blue eyes, looking for a tall SWM.
I am a nice girl who is feeling a little disillusioned about the men I have been meeting.

Oh, I have met some guys and they are nice at first, but then something goes dreadfully wrong.

It seems I meet someone and the first thing they want to do is talk about is sex! They don't want to know what I like to do for fun, where I grew up, what my favorite food is, no, they want to discuss various aspects of sex. I don't lead the conversation to that topic, these guys do it all by themselves.

Either that, or they just want to have sex.

Yeah, classy, huh?

That may be fine for some girls, but I would rather meet someone of substance who is kind, considerate, respectful and courteous.

So, let's explore this...Sex is a great thing. In the appropriate time and place, it is wonderful, beautiful. However, a first date or when we are getting to know each other (online or on the phone) is NOT the appropriate time or place to talk about sex. I have actually had guys open their first email or phone conversations with me by talking about sex (some getting very graphic). When I tell them I am not comfortable discussing that with them at this time, they tell me that sex is "very, very important" and they need to know how "compatible" we are.

I see that as putting the cart before the horse. I want to know the PERSON first. The rest will come in time.

If you are driven by your hormones or think with your p**** then you probably aren't the guy for me. If you think it is absolutely vital that the first conversation we have should be about sex then you probably aren't the guy for me.

If you want something of substance and have evolved beyond the cave man mentality (most of the time anyway) then I would love to talk to you.

I am a SWF, 6 feet tall, auburn hair, blue eyes, HWP, independent, good job, single mom, good head on my shoulders and know what I want.
I would like to meet a SWM, 6 feet or taller (5'10" or so is OK too) with a larger frame (even if you are carrying a few extra pounds, that is fine by me - I seem to be drawn to that body type anyway). However, I really don't have a "type." My priorities in finding someone:

1. Christian
2. Good Character (honest, loyal, kind)
3. Funny
4. Intelligent
5. Tall

So if you are a single white male who possesses these traits, I would like to talk to you.

I am not attaching a photo here. I don't want guys to look at a photo and fire off an email without reading what I have here because if you aren't what I described here the quite frankly you are wasting your time and mine. However, if we exchange an email or two and we like what the other has to say, then send me a photo and I will return the favor.

I just want to meet someone nice. I really am not interested in debating this post. This is how I feel and you will not change my mind. I have an open mind about a lot of things, but I will not compromise my core values and no one is going to force me or intimidate me (I don't get intimidated) into it.

But if you are a nice guy and you want to meet a very nice girl who is a good cook, great friend and supportive partner then by all means drop me a line.

* Location: Alexandria

-- end of post --

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ode to snowballs

Snowballs away,
Snowballs accumuluate.
The white is abundant,
Now to celebrate.
A throw, and a splat, all good fun.
A hug, a kiss, and time to run.

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