Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new definition of stealing

As I was reading my previous post, an idea came to me : What would happen if someone stole your parking ticket?

Is it against the law to steal someone else's parking ticket?


You patrol the city streets. As you walk through the streets, you look for vehicles that has been cited with parking tickets. You could continue on your marry way, or like the sick bastard that you are, steal their parking ticket and the driver of the vehicle will never know. In cities with strict parking violation enforcements, ie booting or towing, how many tickets could be stolen before it made an impact on the system? Who is to say, the city doesn't do that now?

Individuals could steal a ticket just as fast as they give them out. Swoop, and off it goes. "The wind took it." Impound the vehicle, and mandatory back payment on the tickets, and court fees, and a lot of wasted time and effort. All this mayhem could be yours if you only stole every single parking ticket that you see.

Prank? Criminal violation? I don't know.... But it sure does sound pretty wicked that's for sure....


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