Friday, October 8, 2010

email me if you...

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are between the ages of 29 and 40 and white

...don't have the need to drink nightly
...actually like yourself
...are in a place to get to know someone new and actually date
...aren't an emotional mess
...don't need me as your therapist, because I may be one but it isn't fun for me to be yours
...want to have FUN WITH DATING
...have a college degree and/or business venture and/or professional identity of which you're proud
...recognize that I did not end that previous thought in a preposition and appreciate that fact more than the average douche
...type whole sentences in your texts cuz if I get 1 more text like this that asks wat r u doin n y r u doin it I might have to disembowel u thanx

I'm cute, smart, and have my shit together. I'm also a nice person. Fucking take a chance and email me. :)

-- end of post--

I guess the ones taking chances aren't white, huh?


Glue of Tuesday

The ends always come
Even the weekly Tuesday shows it behind.
Covered by the shadows of the Monday before
Embark the proverbial continuance of a proud beginning
Indifferent, and underrated,
Tuesday holds steadfast as old as time itself.
Unwavering, and undercover,
Tuesday marches onward without question.
Without Tuesday, Monday is just forever.
Without Tuesday, Wednesday is no longer.
So waft on, the glue of Tuesday.
Let the fumes spread, and drown out the stink of Monday.

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