Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Long Term Relationship - post US Election 2016

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I still troll through CL to see what's up and what's down and of course what's sideways and all. I came across this ad and I must say that in all my years, and it is certainly by no means a true fact, but you rarely see ads asking for asian guys.

Could this be one of the reasons why white women voted Trump? Because the minority women are snatching up all the white guys? At the same time, we see more and more non-white guys with white women as well.

Possibility? Who knows. What I do know is this, she likes to use bullet points. She is after all, in graduate school.

##### begin text of original ad #####

Change the subject of your e-mail to your height and age. I will not read your message if you don't do this. If your picture is included, I will be more inclined to respond faster to you.

I am a single, Asian female looking for a relationship with a single, white male. The relationship should include communicating several times a week, doing fun stuff in the community (sports, eating, museums, etc.), lots of cuddles--the normal relationship stuff.
About me:
No drugs
Social drinker
Loves animals
Likes helping others
5 foot 1

No drugs
Social drinker
Student or employed
Height: 5 foot 8inch to 6 foot 3 inch
Age: 25-40years

I am a graduate student so I may not respond quickly. I cannot travel too far because I need most of my time to study. I live in northeast, DC. The closer you live to me or are able to travel to me, the better.

##### end of ad #####

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