Friday, October 8, 2010

email me if you...

-- original post --

are between the ages of 29 and 40 and white

...don't have the need to drink nightly
...actually like yourself
...are in a place to get to know someone new and actually date
...aren't an emotional mess
...don't need me as your therapist, because I may be one but it isn't fun for me to be yours
...want to have FUN WITH DATING
...have a college degree and/or business venture and/or professional identity of which you're proud
...recognize that I did not end that previous thought in a preposition and appreciate that fact more than the average douche
...type whole sentences in your texts cuz if I get 1 more text like this that asks wat r u doin n y r u doin it I might have to disembowel u thanx

I'm cute, smart, and have my shit together. I'm also a nice person. Fucking take a chance and email me. :)

-- end of post--

I guess the ones taking chances aren't white, huh?


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