Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally Friday

Finally Friday

The day is Friday
The day is a good day
The sun is out
No clouds in the sky
There's even good music coming over the pipes

On the the train, but on today
I write a rhyme about the day
I hope it will be good
With much work to get done
A lunch with wings
Mmmmm, what fun!
Cherry coke and buffalo wings
Choice of mac or some greens?
I count my blessings because I know
I make enough to pay my own

As you read my silly rhyme,
I hope you smiled as you pass the time
As the seconds count down to five,
Take a deep breath,
Be glad we are alive.

I hope everyone that is on this email (BCC of course!) will have a good day! ;)

Sent from two cups and a string.


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