Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Long Term Relationship - post US Election 2016

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I still troll through CL to see what's up and what's down and of course what's sideways and all. I came across this ad and I must say that in all my years, and it is certainly by no means a true fact, but you rarely see ads asking for asian guys.

Could this be one of the reasons why white women voted Trump? Because the minority women are snatching up all the white guys? At the same time, we see more and more non-white guys with white women as well.

Possibility? Who knows. What I do know is this, she likes to use bullet points. She is after all, in graduate school.

##### begin text of original ad #####

Change the subject of your e-mail to your height and age. I will not read your message if you don't do this. If your picture is included, I will be more inclined to respond faster to you.

I am a single, Asian female looking for a relationship with a single, white male. The relationship should include communicating several times a week, doing fun stuff in the community (sports, eating, museums, etc.), lots of cuddles--the normal relationship stuff.
About me:
No drugs
Social drinker
Loves animals
Likes helping others
5 foot 1

No drugs
Social drinker
Student or employed
Height: 5 foot 8inch to 6 foot 3 inch
Age: 25-40years

I am a graduate student so I may not respond quickly. I cannot travel too far because I need most of my time to study. I live in northeast, DC. The closer you live to me or are able to travel to me, the better.

##### end of ad #####

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Opening pickle jars is kinda your thing (Tysons Corner)

height : 5'4" (162cm) status : single
age: 34

You know how to drive stick, kill spiders, and open beer bottles. You love strong, feminine women. You give good hugs and carry heavy things and hold hands in public sometimes.

I'm a girly girl. I wear mostly skirts and heels. It will be a very long time before I let you see me without mascara on. I'm intensely organized, prone to crying over OnStar commercials, and happiest when I'm helping somebody.

I like to read stuff. I talk a lot. I have a better birthday idea for your mom than you do. I own two dogs; neither of them fit in my purse. I like yoga. You don't get to mock the yoga if you are enjoying its benefits.

Me: 5'4", blue eyes, long light brown hair. If you're into seeing bands that are good, you should know that I go to Legwarmers concerts and scream my face off in the front row. It's charming after you get used to it.

You: At least 5'4", at least 34, white, and single.

Please send a pic when you email me.... I have some to share :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Busch Gardens

body : Athletic

I have a pair of tickets that expire in 2 weeks and am hoping to meet a fun man that would like to go with. Transportation to/from is on me. I'm not looking for a hookup, marriage, or a sugar daddy/baby. I would like for this to be a date (open to more but who knows these days) so there must be some attraction and chemistry. We have a few days to sort through some of that.

About me: stable/successful career, independent, of mixed ethnicity (no one has guessed correctly yet), 5'4", HWP, active lifestyle, workout daily, love the outdoors, am older than 35 (you'll never guess my age either :-) ). DDF, non-smoker, no arrests/restraining orders (I'm kidding!). I like to have fun, don't take myself seriously, enjoy sarcasm with a healthy dose of banter. I've been called attractive, beautiful, and exotic but I also understand that's all a matter of perspective.

About you? PLEASE don't be offended but I am definitely attracted to a man with certain characteristics. Taller, fit, attractive, younger, confident, financially independent, able to carry a conversation without using profanity every other word, non-smoker and here's the sensitive part... Caucasian. I'm sorry, I'm attracted to white men. Please don't flag me.

Pic for pic. Tell me about yourself and let's go from there. Thanks for looking.
My response: The more they change, the more they stay the same.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Partner in Crime - w4m - 28 (Fairfax)

-- original ad --

I'm a single gal and tired of my same group of "friends". I want to build a new group of friends and see where it takes me. I have too many interests that guys like and I don't really have the patience for girls so I'm looking for a cool guy to hangout with and we can be best friends. I find a hard time relating to girls and they all kind of rub me the wrong way.

So I'm looking for my new best friend whom I can go do fun things with. I work a typical 9-5 and hit the gym after work or go have dinner alone somewhere so I'm trying to change that. I enjoy hiking, road trips, good food, art, music (black sabbath, red hot chili peppers, arctic monkeys, a little bit of pop, fun 90s, a little of today's mainstream), cooking, trying new things, basketball, football, UFC. I want to start going to some live concerts and more sporting games! I would like to try my first 5K, checking out cool bars or whatever, anything outdoors

I'm tired of spending nights and weekends alone. Let's go hit some bars, eat some good food, check out games, etc. Let's have fun together!!!

We can one another's wing woman/man. :)

You: 30s, White Male
 -- end of ad --

You could have put the white male part at the beginning of the ad and saved me the trouble of reading the whole thing only to be disappointed at the end.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It has been a while since I posted but I recently came across an ad that really did not make any sense. Is it possible to have a liberal racist? A hippie west coast racist? In this case, I think you can. Just read the following ad.

-- begin original ad --
i just typed out exactly what i wanted to say, and the "computer update" took things over...here are the cliff notes....get it or dont...im grieving still (about just that)....and hold on there....lets settle this 2nd, fascinating yet horribly tacky but necessary mention of a cross section on things: im white, and you must be white< no acceptions, no questions or arguments or nasty emails...jesus, how much do i need to say?? im blonde hazel eyed gorgeous 5'9 love a good tan and miss my board on the west coast....when i move back, i will never leave again, but to better tropics or vacationing. i need your ears arms intellect passion understanding quick humor and damnit just get me through this bastard of a state im in. whatever youre going through, fine, we'll get to that, but in writing now, i just want your attentions on me, your paws where i need them, and a commitment for 30 days. not asking for much, but you sure better be something else for any of this to move forward. if youre a prick, fine, but just be that on your own time. if youre overly educated, groovy, but spare me just a little. if youre busy, cool, but give me the god damn time of day for JUST a month. thanks. if you dont understand, or find this a bit lacking, hit that fancy little arrow on your screen, and go buy some surf wax...its an easy dot to dot from there. im irritable but fascinatingly wonderful...& you Better be good at it.
-- end of ad --

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Anyone going to a late night Happy Hour? - w4m - 34 (Bethesda)

-- original ad --
I have a free night/weekend so looking to go out for a late night Happy Hour.
I'm a tall, fit, attractive, classy, educated, business professional woman seeking same qualities in a gentleman to join me tonight or tomorrow. I'm a non-smoker and social drinker so you be too! Preferably you be around the same age up to 45yo and white. Your status doesn't matter since I'm not looking to hook up but don't mind a little flirting :-) 
Please include a bit about yourself and a pic with your response.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Location: Bethesda
-- end of ad --

It's interesting that even though it is a platonic request, it doesn't matter if he is married or not as long as he is white.
On a more positive note, her potential to be a home wrecker only applies marriages with white males as part of the equation. Being a person of color does have its advantages from time to time.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Looking to date a nerdy professional! - w4m - 32 (Northern Virginia)

I have always been attracted to nerdy guys that are somewhat of a genius. I am a single white female looking for a guy friend to hangout with at least once a week or every couple of weeks to go out and explore the area.

I'm college educated, gorgeous, single white female, fit, professional with a career.

I'm interested in a long term relationship with a SWM but looking to start off as friends. I find true beauty intelligence. I'm not to picky about looks as long as your a basic looking and you have a great personality that's all that matters.

I'm interested in nerdy professional's that happen to be college educated ages 30 between 39.

I would love to meet someone who is open minded and enjoys trying new things from adventure activities, to learning new things, exploring museums, to new cuisine. It is also a plus if you are a nerd or techie.

If interested please respond with a paragraph telling me about yourself and what you want our first activity to be. Please be sane and drama free.

Respond if your single and your looking for a activity partner and also looking for a long term relationship. :)

Location: Northern Virginia

So here's a good question: if she is not picky about looks then why is she picky on the color of the skin?
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