Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Fashionista-in-Chief

For those of you that watched the debacle that was the Democratic Debate last night hosted by ABC, one has to wonder what really is important? While we are at it, we should be wondering who is doing the thinking, and what they are thinking? Since these debates are really for the voters, let's look at some of the questions. To be quite honest, I really couldn't stomach all of the debate. The two things that I did recall from last night were the question of Senator Obama's patriotism and the question of capital gains.

Let's examine the question that I dub now the "Fashionista-in-Chief."

Senator Obama was asked he question why he doesn't wear an American Flag pin. The police wear it. Military service members wear it. President Bush wears it. I think Obama's cousin VP Dick Cheney wears one from time to time. So why doesn't Obama wear one, too? Is it really that hard to pin a little shiny metal on in the morning before he leaves the door? He is American still right? Or is he really a Muslim Manchurian candidate in disguise just waiting for the right moment to enslave us all like the infidels that we are?

"Excuse me Senator, if I may answer this question?" Said the writer.
The writer responds "...The grim fact that $4/gallon of gasoline is upon us. Food prices are sky rocketing through the roof all around the world. Despite our bickering on the existence of global warming or cooling, what is certain is that large amounts of ice caps are melting each year. As more ice melts, sea levels will rise as explained by Archimedes Principle. All that ice that was above the water level, when it melts, it will level out and it will rise. You don't need a graduate degree to know that. Someone that works at McDonalds will know that as they pour more ice tea into your cup, eventually, it will over flow. American citizens are dying each and everyday as we spend one more dollar and one more day in a country that is torn from within and starting a conflict in a region that we culturally do not fully understand and let's be honest, confused. The rich continue to get richer. The poor continue to be poor. The once stable working middle-class are now teetering on verge of financial crisis as the energy costs are trickling into ever facet of American life: from the morning coffee, to the all important job interview. Everything cost money, but more importantly, energy. We need it, we want it, and we just got to have it. And we want it as cheap as possible. So with all these problems in mind, the moderators of ABC sponsored Democratic Debate felt that the Senator Obama's fashion accessory (or in this case lack there of) out-weighed all these issues. But let's not forget, it is very important to present yourself in the best light as possible because when you have money to spend, the last thing you are thinking about is not how much it will cost to fill your H2 Hummer, but how big your tires will be on your H2 Hummer. To be quite honest, when you have money, the only thing you really need to worry about is what not to wear. Clearly, ABC has TLC to thank for that. Let's also remember that a bridge collapsed recently. But that's ok because the H2 Hummer is equipped to go off-road so they will be just fine as they drive right over the crushed Toyota Hybrids."

And what about question to the candidates about Capital Gain? This is very important to the bitter working-class that Senator Obama offended quite harshly just a few weeks ago. People who have lost their jobs and now barely scraping by. Surely these people have a lot to be afraid of because of their ownership in stocks, bonds, precious metals and property to sell that would greatly impact their financial return as the capital gain tax rate is raised. No doubt, we must discuss this important topic that the rest of "bitter Pennsylvania" understand because losing a good job that pays a decent wage is not as important as the financial transaction of selling stocks, bonds, precious metals, and investment properties.

So what did I learn from last night's debate?

  • Senator Obama appearing on "What not to wear" on TLC would make a great show.
  • The American middle-class that struggles to pay for $4/gallon gasoline has mch to fear from Senator Barack Obama as he imposes a higher capital gains tax rate. Be careful. The next time you take your precious aluminum cans to the recycling center, Senator Obama is looking to take his 25%-35% cut.

Senator Obama\'s capital gains tax on the poor

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