Friday, April 11, 2008

Newseum: poor communication

Newseum. It is a new museum that opened today here in DC. As I am writing this, I am standing outside its doors along with a large crowd of people who are getting rather frustrated at this so-called "greatest museum.". Several individuals here are from the local media outlets. What makes this interesting is that the museum officially closes at 5PM today. A few minutes ago, an individual came out from the museum and told a few people that doors closed at 4PM. Well, if that is the case, where are the signs? I don't see any signs at all announcing this. The only thing that the people can go on are the writing on the walls that say 5PM.

It is rather interesting to note that this monstrosity of a museum is to demonstrate the greatness of mass communications. Yet, in front of its very own doors, on its opening day, it failed at the most basic of task to deliver a simple message of announcing its early closing.

Luckily, I have the patience of a turtle and I am just standing here. But I find it quite funny that it couldn't even spare a simple sheet of paper to let the people know "Sorry. Closed for the business after 4PM. Come back tomorrow."

Oh well. I guess the little heat didn't help cool the crowd because there sure are some angry folks here. There is an old lady that is crying out "We want justice."

Funny day :-)

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