Monday, January 7, 2008

Windows XP on a diet

Like the rest of America, Windows XP is no different. It's bloated, fat, encumbered, and slow. Why? Just like half its citizens, Americans love to eat. Windows XP is no different. It loves software and it loves to install them and loves to run them. Most are unnecessary and for most users they serve no purpose but to make them feel they got the most bang for their buck.

However, there is some sanity in this fatty world of computing. I present to you my Windows XP. But not just any Windows XP, but Windows XP on diet. In fact, this is actually stock Windows XP with no Service Packs. Neither Service Pack 1 or 2 is installed.

An operating system that was released in 2001, this work horse has yet shown any signs of fatigue. No active anti-virus, but an active version of PeerGuardian2 running. I could go on and on but pictures speaks louder than words.

What you see here is no photoshop. Just the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Taken with your trusty PrintScr and pasted directly to Microsoft Paint.


Oh, and did I mention that I go from shutdown, POST, reboot, and login all under 40 seconds?

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