Friday, April 11, 2008

Newseum: part II

Update: the crowd feels vindicated by the presence of WTOP. It is interesting how the possibility of voice and expression can raise the spirits of an angry mob. Perhaps it was a good thing that a member of the media came and spoke to the crowd because there was definitely something brewing.

The freedom to express as well as the freedom to capture is something that we use everyday. With the advent of new technology, we push the envelople of these freedoms to new frontiers. The extent to which we can express and how much and of what to capture is something that old media has only began to recognize as a powerful tool. Oh wait, Larry the Manager is coming to meet the mob....

I wonder if Larry knows what he is walking into. And I wonder if I will get myself a free ticket.... Sure would be nice.... :-)

Well, at least there is a breeze blowing through the main entrance now....

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