Friday, June 29, 2007

U Street and the girl that sent me home

I could talk about how it all started but why don't I just start from the very end and work my way back. Actually, it isn't that important to work my way back completely but just the good parts will suffice.

"I'm sorry but I have to send you home."

Can't say that I have heard that one before but I guess it was only time that I will hear some new things. At least she didn't give me the cold shoulder but I guess that is better than nothing.

Interesting woman to say the least. A smoker, yet I could not tell that she smoked.  Kind of a flirt! Considering that her 34d's were wrapped by 34c bras. LOL. It also didn't help that she wore a low cut and very revealing t-shirt...hahahah.

Our conversations were going well and I don't think we had any awkward pauses.  I believe that she was having a good time.  Then out of the blue she told me "I think you should kiss me."

At this point I was floored. The last time a girl asked me to kiss her, which was never...and here it is on a random Friday night.... A girl that I had just me, decided to meet face to face, and now is sitting across from me and TELLING me to kiss her.

Needless to say when she said that she was sorry for having to send me home. I felt kind of bad.

But not so bad though. Maybe I was tired and I didn't care really.  Though not so much that I was discarded like a contestant that didn't get a rose....but just disappointed that she had wanted me to go home... But had to repeat it over and over. Yet even between her many requests to go home she had kissed me several times on my face and neck.

How does one respond to that?

She wants me to leave - yet she wants to kiss me....

If there was a time I could use a Venutian library of women behaior, right now would the perfact time.

So what's one to do?

Take it one day at a time, continue my little blog entries, and who knows.... May I'll
 earn my first million when I have displayed enough ads


Well, I am super tired, on the metro, AND still have to drive. Fun fun fun!!!



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